Next Generation Of JamHub Stage Released At NAMM

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Next Generation Of JamHub Stage Released At NAMM


With new left and right main XLR outputs, your JamHub Stage is the perfect mixer for small spaces like coffee shops and house parties. It’s portable, durable, and gives you a highly visual, intuitive way to mix both your PA and your monitors.


JamHub Stage makes it easy to set up and control your own in-ear monitors on stage. The whole band simply plugs into the Stage mixer, and then uses the 14-channel breakout snake to get sound to the front-of-house. It’s a simple, streamlined setup that won’t confuse your band mates or your sound tech, and will let you mix your own wedges and in-ears without affecting the room sound. A home studio in a box, JamHub features a fully functional multitrack interface that sends 14 channels of live audio to your computer. Open up your favourite DAW and capture the entire band’s performance while allowing every musician to control their own monitor mix. 


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