New Converse Shoe Has Its Own In-Built Wah-Wah Pedal

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New Converse Shoe Has Its Own In-Built Wah-Wah Pedal

wah pedal.jpg

But now, in 2016, Converse are no longer content with merely contributing the look to rock n’roll, they now want to bring the sound too. So they’ve developed the Converse Chet Atkins All Wah shoe, an almighty combination of a wah pedal and a shoe.


Conceived by design agency Critical Mass during a Chuck Hack event back in 2013, the All Wah is a high top Chuck Taylor with a built-in Wah pedal. 


The Wah uses a digital sensor to control the sound with the input and output being built into the tip of the show. Originally conceived by a design agency in 2013, fashion company Cute Circuit recently developed a Bluetooth-compatible wireless device that works with amps, Mac Books and iPhones.


We’ve included a video to show you footage of the original prototype so you can get an idea of how the device works. Maybe you could add it to your own guitar set up and start the freak out!      


There is no mention of when the shoe will actually be available, but the video below shows thirteen guitarists getting their hand on the shoe pedal, giving it a much needed test run before it does hit the market.