Boss Reissue Classic CE-2 Chorus

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Boss Reissue Classic CE-2 Chorus


The Boss CE-2 Chorus pedal has been a classic among their line of pedals for some time, so when it was announced that a reintroduced version of the veteran pedal had emerged, people could only be happy about the decision.


The newly re-named CE-2W is fitted with two modes; still having the favourite standard mode, which delivers the classic sound which we all know, added with stereo outputs. The second mode reaches new limits, and recreates a vibrato sound and stereo chorus tone much like the original stompbox from 1976, while giving it more depth and control.


Though this seems a new an improved pedal, the internal wiring still proclaims all-analogue circuitry while being fitted with bucket-brigade chips. Still Japanese made, the stompbox is set to be introduced in stores later this year.

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