NAMM 2020: Korg unveil the Wavestate digital synthesiser

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NAMM 2020: Korg unveil the Wavestate digital synthesiser

Building upon the ideas of their '90s synths.

If the 2010s was the decade of the analogue synth, then 2020 almost certainly marks the arrival of the a digital renaissance – and who better to lead the way than Korg?

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Effectively a progressive reimagination of their ’90s wave sequencing classic, the brand new Wavestate sees Korg implement various ideas from the Wavestation and rehouse them inside a Minilogue-inspired 37-key chassis for portable wave shaping fun. The unit also takes inspiration from various modular synths, grooveboxes and algorithms to offer a user-friendly interface with plenty of musical capabilities, including a Dice button which offers ‘intelligently randomized’ tones for a sophisticated, yet unpredictable sonic experience.

The Wavestate features a simple filter, envelopes, LFOs and inbuilt effects, all of which are easily tweaked via the synth’s front panel, with a second-generation wave-sequencing engine and 64 notes of polyphony making this one perfect for those experimental users. There’s some incredible modulation possibilities on offer, and you can even use 14 effects simultaneously for a completely wild experience, while six GB of PCM-driving 700 sounds, 240 performances, 1000 Wavesequences and storage for 10,000 Wavesequences make Korg’s latest offering one for the ages.

With a synth this weird, it’s probably best to just watch and listen to how it sounds than read our spec-heavy drivel, so we’d recommend diving into the above video. The Korg Wavestate is expected to land in stores this month, so keep your eyes peeled for it soon!

Find out more about the Wavestate via Korg’s Australian webpage.