Mooer Woodverb Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal

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Mooer Woodverb Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal


WoodVerb is a digital reverb pedal specifically designed for acoustic guitar players. Its goal is to provide the users with the most direct experience of using the reverb effect. Do not get fooled by its Mini and mild look, WoodVerb provides three high quality and professional reverb modes as well as a wide variety of adjustment options.


WoodVerb provides you with reverb — Splendid plate reverb which gives you an experience from the smallest room to the largest space; Mod — Adds modulation effect to the reverb and creates a psychedelic effect; Filter — Adds a sweeping filter sound to the reverb and makes it feel like a swirling wind. Your guitar will sound like an electric guitar; the special circuit design can keep the original acoustic sound intact, while achieving a fabulous reverb effect. WoodVerb is a must have for acoustic guitar players. 


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