Crash Symphony Audio Engineer

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Crash Symphony Audio Engineer


Created by producer James Englund of Crash Symphony Studios, Audio Engineer is designed for serious audio engineers who need to get the best results for their project, as well as to aid those who are looking to improve their technique. The app contains everything that you will need to help you mic up instruments like the masters.


Containing highly detailed studio photos and techniques from real recording sessions, the reference section contains a number of different mic techniques for instruments including acoustic guitar, drums and percussion, piano, as well as a variety of amplifiers. The photos demonstrate different methods of recording the above instruments with brief descriptions of each technique. This is perfect for students who have just entered the field of audio engineering and even is useful to experienced engineers. It doesn’t stop there, Audio Engineer will also teach you how to work faster and more efficiently during your studio sessions with an array of calculators aimed at common studio tasks. Audio Engineer is available now from the Apple App Store


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