JHS Hand-Painted Guitar Pedals

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JHS Hand-Painted Guitar Pedals


Started in early 2007, JHS is the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality hand made effects that stand out in an over-saturated market, and has now evolved into a world recognised boutique effects pedal company. Josh’s years of touring and session work bring the experience and knowledge of what working guitarists need and want in their rigs. With a complete electric guitar and bass guitar pedal range, JHS Pedals offers one of the broadest lines of effects on the market today.


Within these lines of pedals, there are a few hidden gems that are a testament to JHS’ hand-made ethos. Hand-painted casings of a select few pedals provide just that little more uniqueness that all guitarists want in their set-up. In the age of machine made and mass assembled guitar effects, JHS values a commitment to designing, populating, and assembling their pedals with real people. If you want a high quality pedal that is original and innovative, then look no further. 


For more information, visit www.guitarfactory.net