Kickstarter Campaign Funds Analogue Synth Manufacture

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Kickstarter Campaign Funds Analogue Synth Manufacture

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The Chicago ‘Riff & Bass’ Analogue Synthesizer is a five oscillator MIDI unit that will be built in the UK, with 30 of the limited edition synths to be sent out to the backers from the campaign. The maker of the synths acknowledges that it isn’t a complete unit, as it has been designed with ‘basic or limited features’, but they hope that it can be at least ‘a useful sound portfolio’.


The synth features four variable phase and pulse width oscillators, sub, square and saw oscillators, a wide bandwith four-pole Sallen & Key low-pass analogue filter, classic gate mode and a filter decay mode switch. Promising ‘Deep Lounge sinewaves, classic House bass, [and] dirty Techno riffs,’ the unit would be handy for aspiring or established producers looking for a basic, low-cost synth.


Although all 30 of the initial run have been snapped up, there might well be a second run if the first is a success so keep your ear to the ground if this sounded like something you might be interested. In the meantime though, you can keep your ear to some of the samples from the unit on the synth’s Kickstarter page.


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