Dave Smith Instruments Announces OB-6 Module

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Dave Smith Instruments Announces OB-6 Module


The synth was officially introduced at the recent Summer NAMM show, although the brand accidently let slip earlier on Twitter that the product was either in the works or about to be released soon, as it could be seen in the background of a photo they posted. It’s unknown whether this was a purposeful PR stunt or just a non-technophile operating a twitter account, but either way it built some buzz around the announcement.


The actual synth itself is similar to the keyboard model, just without the actual keyboard. A single unit has six-note polyphony, but you can link two modules together to double the polyphony if you should be so inclined. However, at $3,799 each that’d be some serious dedicaton to the product. The new release will be available in early Spring, so you’ll have to hold tight until then if this seems like the instrument for you.




For more information, visit audiochocolate.com.au