Fender Go Way Back With The ’57 Custom Tweed Series

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Fender Go Way Back With The ’57 Custom Tweed Series


Inspired by the original tweed amps, which are now highly-collectible, Fender has reintroduced that ugly duckling of a design for the ’57 CustomPro-Amp, the ’57 Custom Twin-Amp, ’57 Custom Deluxe and ’57 Champ. They are all slightly different, with each having unique, desirable features.


The ’57 CustomPro-Amp is a 28-watt combo amp with an all-tube circuit and a single 15″ speaker delivering plenty of clarity. The Custom Twin-Amp has two 12” Eminence speakers, and with 40-watts under the hood can drive a bit harder than the aforementioned CustomPro-Amp.


The Custom Deluxe is modelled on the original now-collectors item, and is a 12-watt combo with a 12AY7 preamp tube, Mercury Magnetics, and a 12” alnico Eminence speaker. The junior of the lot is the Champ, with a single 8” Weber alnico speaker powering 5-watts of combo action.



For more information, visit: fender.com.au