Keeley Electronics debut the ECCOS Delay Looper

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Keeley Electronics debut the ECCOS Delay Looper

Powered by a quad 24/56-bit Dream DSP chip (super high tech for a delay pedal!), the ECCOS is designed to replicate the sound of a tape delay being manipulated in real time, which would produce a flanged, almost chorus-like sound at times. Tape flanging is one of the oldest studio tricks in the books, so it’s very cool to see the concept tucked into a package this tidy and versatile. 



The ECCOS boasts five knobs to control the Time, Feedback and Mix of the wet delay signal, as well as Depth and Rate controls to hone in on the wobbly modulation front. The feedback knob can also be held down to access the secondary functions, which lets you change the flanger delay time, blend between modulation styles, EQ contour and flanger feedback.



There’s also two footswitches which perform different functions depending on whether you’re in Delay or Loop mode. In Delay mode, you can use the Tap switch to lock in a tempo or utilise it for infinite feedback for warped, psychedelic sounds, while Loop mode lets you use both footswitches to control record, play, reverse, half speed and a play-once mode. There’s also two minutes of loop time (or a minute if you’re running the ECCOS in stereo) and three presets for delay sounds, with the unit also featuring an expression pedal and remote switching jack to give you further control in a larger rig.


Check out the Keeley ECCOS in further detail here