Ibanez relaunch the WH10 wah pedal

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Ibanez relaunch the WH10 wah pedal

The Ibanez WH10v3, which is the company’s third take on the pedal, features the same multiple feedback op amp circuit as the original unit, as well as the same die cast metal housing found on the initial reissue of the pedal. There’s also the new addition of a switchable true/buffered bypass feature – original owners will know that the tone suck of the WH10 was a feature that was either loved or hated by users, so it’s nice to see Ibanez are offering a middle ground with this one. 



Elsewhere, the WH10v3 includes the same depth knob as the original unit to control the amount of wah, as well as a range switch to flick between guitar and bass modes. You can hear Frusciante use the bass mode on the Blood Sugar Sex Magik cut ‘Naked In The Rain’ – it’s got a pretty throaty sweep that really makes for quite a unique sound. 



Considering that Frusciante typically isn’t one to request bespoke gear, the reissue of the WH10 is a bit of an interesting move for this Chili Peppers fiasco. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s more new gear released in line for John in the coming months…


Ibanez products are distributed in Australia via Australis Music.