Gary Moore’s 1961 Fender Strat Recreated By Master Builder

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Gary Moore’s 1961 Fender Strat Recreated By Master Builder


Moore’s bruised and beaten signature Fender had endured seven solo albums, rigorous European touring and even a re-appearance with the iconic Thin Lizzy after the passing of Phil Lynott.

The Red Fiesta is a remarkable remake of the original, displaying a three-way pickup selector (As opposed to the conventional five-way selector introduced in ‘77), rusted tuning pegs and a worn neck, allowing a 10 inch radius to help replicate the wear and tear of Gary’s glorious playing.


Cruz states that copper shielding in the guitars cavity and adding jumbo frets were the only modifications to the replica. The Fiesta displays every scratch and ding that Moore’s original endured, as well as buckle rash and hand wear.

Apart from the identical design, Cruz recaptured Moore’s blistering sound by fitting Bonetone pickups to replicate Moore’s distinct low-output sound, which allows an incredible range and ‘bell-like’ clarity.


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