Can This Electric Pick Help You Become A Better Guitar Player?

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Can This Electric Pick Help You Become A Better Guitar Player?


Inventor Michael Murawski has created the first of its kind, the ‘bluetooth pick’. The thick white plectrum is fitted with Bluetooth technology and when played on a guitar, transmits picking patterns in numerical figures to an app on your Smartphone. The data allows you to assess if you’re playing too hard or soft, whether you’re down strokes and upstrokes are consistent and allows you to make changes to how you grip your pick.


Deemed the ‘Fitbit’ for guitar players, Murawski believes that the Pickatto will revolutionise how guitar players practice, stating ‘Not only can these numbers be improved upon; it becomes easier to set and meet goals.’


This revolutionary idea is still in its early days, as Murawski has just placed the innovative product through an Indiegogo fund campaign for an early bird price of $57US (10% of its regular price).


The Pickatto pushes innovative thinking in the right direction for musicians, but is it justified by its high price and newly developed functionality? Is it necessary for guitarist in today’s standard? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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