Fractal Unveils Second Edition Of FX8 Multi-Effects Pedalboard

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Fractal Unveils Second Edition Of FX8 Multi-Effects Pedalboard

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The FX8 Mark II is designed to deliver Fractal’s signature quality without compromise in an effects-only floor unit.
 In comparison to the original FX8, the new Mark II has an all-black aircraft aluminium bezel and end panels, improved top-panel silkscreen design, an 18dB instrument input pad option and an even lower noise floor.

The FX8 Mark II runs up to eight simultaneous effects using the state-of-the-art algorithms made famous in the Axe-Fx II line of processors. It features eleven quiet, durable solid state footswitches with no mechanical contacts to fail, 27 LEDs in three colours, five knobs beneath a bright display, Humbuster outputs to eliminate hum due to ground loops (when used with Humbuster cables), dual TRS relays for amp switching, two switch/expression pedal jacks, USB, MIDI and more.


The unit is designed for unity gain and offers true bypass. Above all, it features an extremely high quality signal path to deliver ultra-low noise and pristine sound quality. In other words, no tone suck! On-board preset memories let you create 128 totally different pedalboards and every effect in every preset can run in series or parallel.


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