Fender detail limited edition Blonde Player Series Telecaster

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Fender detail limited edition Blonde Player Series Telecaster

Finished in that classic Butterscotch Blonde paint job, Fender’s latest Limited Edition guitar is certainly one for the old heads. This new spin on the Nocaster sees Fender load the Mexican made Player Series Telecaster – their most affordable to date – with some incredibly high end Fender Custom Shop Nocaster ’51 pickups, a set many consider to be among some of the best the company has ever made.


These pickups feature Alnico 3 magnets and enamel coated magnet wires with a zinc shielding plate, giving you a taste of that classic Tele twang with a dollop of midrange warmth to make this model as versatile as a Nocaster could ever be. Hear them in action below. 



Although all the other specs and appointments are pretty typical of a Player Series model, it’s a bit of a no brainer to grab a guitar like this when it comes up. Most players tend to take out the stock pickups in these models to upgrade them at some stage anyway, so it’s cool to see Fender cutting out that part of the process with this Limited Edition model. Plus, it’s pretty hard to knock on Butterscotch Blonde – what a classic finish. 


Be sure to go hassle Fender for pricing and availability.