Fender Japan tease new Art Gallery Collection

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Fender Japan tease new Art Gallery Collection

The Art Gallery Collection features two limited edition models: a Stratocaster and a Telecaster Custom, which have been painted by FACE and MHAK respectively. Both artists have had their work featured in high-end fashion collections, while MHAK’s work tends to draw influence from 1950s traditional architecture for a striking look.


As you can see from FACE’s Stratocaster below, pink is definitely the flavour of the month. I feel like this guitar would be perfect for a band like CHAI, and it just oozes a good vibe.



The Telecaster Custom, on the other hand, features a much more subdued design, taking cues from 1950s furniture for the embelishments around the body and on the fretboard. 



While there’s no word on whether any of these units will make their way to our shores, it’s still super cool to see the work of Fender Japan and how it differs from the American aesthetic. 


Head to Fender Japan for more details on these new models.