Mad Professor debut the Germanium Fuzz 32 pedal

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Mad Professor debut the Germanium Fuzz 32 pedal

Essentially, the Fuzz 32 aims to provide players with an incredibly modern take on Germanium tones without the incredibly mean pricetag that usually accompanies them. This handwired pedal features a nifty boost feature to allow for mildly fizzy tones at high volumes, while the tone knob lets you wrench off the top end of the effect to tighten up your tone. They’ve also somehow managed to make the Fuzz 32’s internal circuits resistant to the tonal fluctuations that can occur when used in varying temperatures – nice. 



Mad Professor have even envisioned for the Fuzz 32 to play nice with a buffer in front of it, ensuring it can adventure beyond its typical placement in your pedal chain and not sound like total shit. If this sounds like it’s your cup of tea, you’ll have to get in quick – there’s only 96 of these units for sale, and I can’t imagine they’ll be hanging around too long. 


To find out more about Mad Professor products in the Australian market, get in touch with Dunphy Imports today.