Electro-Harmonix unveils the SwitchBlade Pro

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Electro-Harmonix unveils the SwitchBlade Pro

With true mechanical bypass, soft-switching and high quality low noise buffer and volume controls for all input signals, the Switchblade Pro is perfect for the fussy guitarist who likes to be on top of all facets of their rig. The Switchblade Pro also boasts high headroom to make it suitable for employing in multiple amp setups, allowing players to blend signal from two or three amps at once. 


Footswitchable effects loops can be run in series or parallel with the Switchblade Pro, while the pedal even allows for mixing and switching between three audio sources with individual volume controls into one amplifier. There’s even a Dry Level function aimed towards bass players, allowing to mis between dry and processed signals to beef up bass tones and keep the low-end focused.


Check out Electro-Harmonix’s demonstration of the Switchblade Pro below to see exactly what the unit offers. 




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