Strandberg unleashes new Boden bass series

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Strandberg unleashes new Boden bass series

With its distinctive headless appearance and fanned fret, multi-scale neck, the Boden Bass series is much more than just a bass version of Strandberg’s Boden guitar series, and reflects more than 20 years of design and research from the company. Available in either four or five string models, the Strandberg Boden Bass series presents consumers with two different models to choose from, the Original and Prog model, each with their own nuances to suit different sonic stylings.


With a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body and a Flame Maple top, the Boden Bass Original also features a deluxe Roasted Maple neck and fretboard to provide it with a gorgeous aesthetic appearance to match its incredible tones. By placing an emphasis on the high-midrange and a punchy low-end response, the Original Bass is perfectly suited for players of funk, jazz and fusion, offering articulative tones on tap.




For those seeking a more aggressive, modern sound, the Boden Bass Prog model might be more up your alley, fusing a chambered Swamp Ash body and Flame Maple top with a Roasted Maple neck and Ebony fretboard for a darker tone. The Prog places an emphasis on the higher range of the spectrum to help players using a pick cut through the mix, while the Ebony fretboard makes it an absolute breeze for multi-note runs up the neck. 




Both the Strandberg Prog and Original come equipped with Nordstrand Zen Blade noiseless single-coil pickups, which are customised to perfectly match the radius of the fretboard. There’s also a 3 band preamp to shape your tone into the zone, providing versatility across a wide sonic spectrum.  


Head to Strandberg Guitars to find out more about the Boden Bass Series today.