Danelectro shares details of new vintage inspired guitars

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Danelectro shares details of new vintage inspired guitars

Acting as an update to the pre-exisitng ’66, the new ’66T offers a modern take on the much loved Mosrite Ventures model, a guitar which found a niche in surf rock music in the ’60s and experienced a revival with the grunge movement of the ’90s. The Danelectro ’66T now comes with a Wilkinson tremolo system, as well as a vintage single coil in the neck and a dual lipstick humbucker in the bridge, which can be split via a push-pull tone knob. 

If you’re interested in exploring all things dark and weird, Danelectro has also created a baritone version of the ’66T – aptly named the ’66BT Baritone. Loaded with similar specs, the semi-hollow ’66BT is available in Three Tone Sunburst, Transparent Blue and Transparent Red, while you can nab the ’66T in Transparent Orange, Transparent Blue, Three Tone Sunburst and Gloss Black.

Danelectro has also updated their esteemed ’59 model, known and loved for its immediately recognisable body shape and outrageously squawky tone courtesy of its shorter scale and chambered masonite body. The new ’59X adds a high output single coil pickup to the neck position and a coil-tapped lipstick tube humbucker to the bridge, with an option for a Wilkinson tremolo available with the ’59XT.  You can nab the new ’59X and ’59XT in a broad pallete of colours, including cream, aqua, burgundy and silver.

Head on over to Australasian Music Supplies for more information on all Danelectro guitars.