BABY Audio release the I Heart NY Parallel Compressor

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BABY Audio release the I Heart NY Parallel Compressor

The impeccably named I Heart NY plugin is the first offering from the US-based, European-led team, and provides producers with fat dose of classic New York style compression within their DAW. By creating a copy of your internal audio signal within the software, BABY Audio’s debut plugin replicates the workflow of a true parallel compressor without the complicated signal routing they’re associated with. It’s perfect for nailing that punchy tone that New York styled compressors are known for, and ranges from a subtle bounce to a hard smack depending on how hard you go at it.  



Whether you’re trying to make your 808’s slam harder in your mix or want to make a bass guitar really cut through your tracks, the I Heart NY plugin looks like it’ll just eat it all up. It’s available to download on both Windows and Mac right now, so what are you waiting for?


Try out the I Heart NY Parallel Compressor from BABY Audio.