The Moog Matriarch is shipping now

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The Moog Matriarch is shipping now

Following in the footsteps of last year’s Grandmother, the 49-key Matriarch utilises four analogue VCOs to provide users with four notes of paraphony. While it’s not exactly a polysynth, the Matriarch still boasts a powerful and versatile sound, with each oscillator containing four different triangle, saw, pulse and square waveforms to choose from. There’s also pulse width modulation, hard sync and FM inputs to modify your signal even further, with a mixer modular also allowing for white noise and an external input. 



The Matriarch features a dual analogue ladder filter with parallel, series and stereo modes available. One envelope controls the filter, while the other is dedicated to the double VCO. There’s even two LFOs for modulation, with six waveforms to create everything from pulsating chordal textures to warbling ring modulation. Listen to how it sounds in Moog’s latest video with synth extraordinaire Lisa Bella Donna below.




Head to Innovative Music to find out where to grab the Moog Matriarch in Australia today.