Audio-Technica debut their first beer collaboration

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Audio-Technica debut their first beer collaboration

UPDATE 18/3/20 – Due to health precautions put into place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the Karaoke Kingu Rice Lager Launch Party has been postponed until further notice. We’ll keep you posted when things change. 


Brewed as a means of celebrating the art of karaoke – a popular pasttime in Audio-Technica’s homebase in Japan – the Karaoke Kingu Rice Lager is a limited-edition release for the company, and although we’re not sure about sound quality, we can attest to the fact it’s a pretty decent brew. It’s also got an incredibly cool Astro Boy inspired design, courtesy of Sydney-based artist Jeremy Lord, which Audio-Technica are slapping onto various shirts, stubby holders, slipmats and stickers. There’s even a damn disco ball keyring.  



Audio-Technica are launching the Karaoke Kingu Rice Lager at Yulli’s Brews HQ in Alexandria, Sydney, with an event featuring vegan sushi and kegs of the Rice Lager on authentic Japanese tap. There’s also going to be a vinyl market and sake tasting going on on the upper level of the venue, making for an event you really can’t miss. 


‘Anyone, who is a fan of Audio-Technica or Yulli’s is welcome to attend the launch event, taste the beer, sing some karaoke and enjoy the spoils of the Yulli’s kitchen. This should be a glorious way to kick off April in the lead up to Record Store Day’, says Wesley Von Grabill, Brand Manager Audio-Technica. ‘The technology and the market for our product have changed drastically in the past decade, but we always focus on the creative community and to promote an analogue lifestyle.’  


Head to Audio-Technica Australia for more information.