RZA petitions for Wu-Tang Clan to be inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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RZA petitions for Wu-Tang Clan to be inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Speaking to the magazine, RZA highlighted the links between hip hop and rock music as a factor towards the group’s inclusion, however, the Staten Island MC also acknowledged it may take a while before the group recieve the acclaim they deserve –  “I think we should get in. It may take some time to get in there. I think it’s good for us and I think it’s good for rock and roll because hip-hop is a form of music that grabs from every genre, but definitely grabs from rock and roll.”


“Rock and roll has a certain spirit; it was the spirit of the sixties and seventies youth. “Hip-hop is the eighties, nineties, up to now – the youth. It’s called hip-hop, but it’s in the same spirit of rock & roll at the end of the day. Lyrical stories, music, unorthodox, dissonant sometimes, energetic – all the things that rock is and was hip-hop embodies.”


Elsewhere in the interview, RZA discusses how his production on Wu-Tang’s seminal ’90s output and his work on solo albums from Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Raekwon and GZA embodied the musical stylings of groups such as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.




Other hip hop acts inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame include Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, NWA and Tupac Shakur. This year’s list of nominees includes Radiohead, Stevie Nix, Roxy Music, The Cure and Janet Jackson.


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