Holy Serpent Unveil New Single

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Holy Serpent Unveil New Single


Smashing together a blend of 70’s hard rock and typical punk punch, Holy Serpent are boasting an album that screams ‘skate-rock’. With some grooving passages and fast thrill rides, the upcoming release is sure to send you off into a auditory flip.


After releasing their self-titled debut in 2015, the local talents are wasting no time and have sped straight to their follow up. The unit brings Soundgarden vibes with some Saint Vitus and Kyuss inspiration.


The five-track, 44-minute album shows off the style of Scott Penberthy (vocals), Nick Donoughue (guitar), Dave Bartlett (bass) and Danny Leo (drummer).


Click here to listen to Towards The Sands.


Temples is out September 30 via Riding Easy Records. For more information, click here.


Photo by: Sally Townsend