Sennheiser unveil their stunning Evolution Wireless Digital product line

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Sennheiser unveil their stunning Evolution Wireless Digital product line

Words by Sam McNiece

With an App based workflow.

Sennheiser have officially released their Evolution Wireless Digital series to the world. Featuring an easy to use app-based workflow, high quality receivers/transmitters, and the same reliability that Sennheiser have upheld throughout their long tenure as RF experts. 

The best bits:

  • Brand new, easy to use Smart Assist App to control receiver units.
  • High quality components resulting in pristine quality audio.
  • Plenty of system combinations for all scopes and applications.

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Sennheiser asked, and listened. Talking to dozens of bands about their needs and wants from a wireless system, they have come out with an app-based approach, putting all the control in your hands. A completely brand new digital microphone system aimed at both new and existing users.

Their new Smart Assist App, is designed to get you setup and playing faster. Dubbed ‘the engineer in your pocket’, this mobile application allows you to create reliable wireless connections without the know-how of an experienced sound engineer. Utilising Bluetooth Low Energy, the app lets you remotely access all features of your wireless system with both Android and iOS devices, making syncing receivers and microphones simple.

“We came up with an app that does all the planning for you and guides you through the set-up,” says Benny Franke, responsible for the software. “An app, where all the expertise is under the hood, and where you don’t have to be a mechanic to drive the car. There were many details that we sweated over so that you can keep your cool before, during and after the show.”

If RF interference has plagued you in the past, this new wireless evolution series can scan the surrounding environment and pinpoint frequencies ready for use. Borrowing from top level Sennheiser product lines – the Digital 6000 and 9000 – this system doesn’t generate any significant intermodulation artefacts. In addition to this, the Smart Assist App can set your wireless links at 600kHz intervals meaning there is more range to add additional wireless units.

The Evolution Wireless Digital transmitters can handle a whopping 134dB of dynamic range, able to pick up a jet engine from 45 metres away and the softest whisper with ease. Due to this, no sensitivity settings are required and you can maintain gain structure through two stage gain control with pre-set amounts suitable for most applications. Perfect to get going quickly both on stage and in the studio.

Audio is transmitted via 24-bit digital quality and transmission is virtually seamless with EW-D having a super low latency of 1.9ms. The system uses Intelligent Diversity Switching to maintain a consistent output, reducing dropouts in the process.

EW-D has been designed without the use of a compander – a combination compressor and expander usually applied before transmitting wireless signals – to make the audio as clean as possible, expressing ‘the system will sound like it’s plugged in with a cable.’

Using the BA 70 rechargeable battery pack, you can expect up to 12 hours battery life, which is more than enough to get through a full day of soundcheck and a show.

In addition to all this, Sennheiser has released a full range of professional accessories to accompany this new system. Freshly designed antennas, splitters, boosters and charging sets, making modular expansion of your wireless system simpler. Standout here is the ADP UHF remote antenna which features cut-outs designed to reduce it’s movement in outdoor contexts where you can never predict what the weather will be.

Releasing in a myriad of configurations to suit your needs, the brand new Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital systems are available right now.

Watch here to see the new system in use.

Read more about the Evolution Wireless Digital on Sennheiser’s Website.