Korg Wavestate and Opsix become native

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Korg Wavestate and Opsix become native

Words by Cambell Courtney

Fully compatible, feature-complete software versions of the acclaimed hardware synths

Korg have released the Wavestate and Opsix as standalone VST3/AU/AXX sound engines for both Windows and MacOS.

What you need to know:

  • Korg have released their Wavestate and Opsix synthesizers as VST plugins
  • Ability to run standalone or in conjunction with their hardware counterparts, with easy preset transfer
  • Priced at $199.99 USD for standalone software and $49.99 USD for those who already own a Wavestate or Opsix

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The plugins are based on their hardware counterparts of the same name. The Wavestate is a 64 voice, polyphonic, digital wavetable synthesizer and the Opsix is a 64 voice, polyphonic, digital FM synthesizer.

Wavestate Native and the Opsix Native come with a few features. Firstly, the native version is able to run standalone and does not require you to own the hardware versions. 

Not needing any physical hardware in order to create these sounds means the cost of entry to Korg’s Wave Sequencing technology is now much more accessible. 

Secondly, is the ability for those with the hardware to integrate it into their DAWs. As the digital sound engine is the same in the VST as it in the hardware, users are able to control their hardware from their DAW and vice versa. Much like Elektron’s Overbridge engine. This also means that any presets created can be easily transferred from one to the other. 

Korg recommends that users use the native plugin versions for studio use, which then can be transferred to the hardware for live performances. 

Wavestation Native and Opsix Native are priced at $199.99 USD, but are currently being offered at the reduced price of $149.99 USD each. 

For those who own the existing hardware, the Native plugin will available for just $49.99 USD

Head to Korg for more information. Reach out to CMI Music for local enquiries.