Boss announce new 1974 Space Echo clones in pedal form

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Boss announce new 1974 Space Echo clones in pedal form

Words by Cambell Courtney

The new generation of Space Echo

Boss has announced the release of two new delay pedals, the RE-2 and RE-02, digitally modelled after the legendary 1974 Roland Space Echo.

What you need to know:

  • Boss unveiled new RE-2 and RE-202 pedal which provide accurate digital emulation of the legendary 1974 Roland Space Echo
  • Offering two sizes to choose from, the RE-2 is a faithful recreation of the original unit in the classic Boss enclosure, while the RE-202 is much larger but offers a host of additional features not found in the original or elsewhere.
  • Both models offer expanded controls and audio routing options over the original and other competing clones of the Space Echo.

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The pedals come in both the traditional Boss-style stompbox, and a larger three switch design. Both offer accurate emulation of the original unit with a far more user friendly and portable footprint, with additional features to bring it into the modern day.

The RE-2, while not as extensive as the RE-202, offers all the same features that can be found in the original unit. Boasting 11 selectable modes and three tape head models, all within the classic Boss pedal enclosure.

The RE-202 comes in the larger case with additional features over the RE-2. This includes 12 modes, 4 tape heads, tape age emulation, selectable bypass modes, memory presets, a dedicated tap tempo switch, Midi integration and the ability to switch the input between instrument and line level, for use with line level instruments or as an outboard studio effect. 

Both models improve on the original by offering double the maximum delay time, tap tempo, adjustable wow and flutter controls, expression pedal control and both models offer true stereo outputs. 

With the original Space Echo Units demanding extraordinary prices on the second hand market, the new releases from Boss offer a new generation of musicians the ability to experiment with one of the most influential effects units of all time.  

Head to Boss for more information.