Korg’s new Opsix aims to demystify the science of FM synthesis

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Korg’s new Opsix aims to demystify the science of FM synthesis

Words by Will Brewster

Does this signal the end of the analogue revival?

With the surging popularity of synths like Elektron’s Digitone and the Sonicware ELZ_1, it seems like FM synthesisers are well and truly back in vogue.

Now, Korg – who’ve previously tapped into this trend already with their formidable Volca FM unit – seek to achieve a stranglehold on the market with their new Opsix, an ‘altered’ six-operator synthesiser that stands as an expansive re-imagination of digital synthesis as we know it.

Based on the designs of the popular 37-key Minilogue and Wavestate synths, the Opsix features a powerful six-operator sound generator with a wide range of waveforms and operator modes. The unit also boasts an analogue-style filter that incorporates elements of Korg’s classic MS-20 and PolySix subtractive synthesisers, fusing the ease of analogue with the sheer possibility that digital synthesis provides.

A smattering of knobs, buttons and sliders allow for uninhibited hands-on control, while the Opsix’s OLED display and selectable oscilloscope makes patch editing and complex tweaking as easy as it can be.

There’s also 40 preset algorithms to get you started on your journey, while three EGs and LFOs allow for a wide range of modulated textures when paired with the Opsix’s thirty effect types.

Elsewhere, the Opsix offers a powerful 16-step polyphonic sequencer, a Randomize mode for generating weird and wonky patches. It seems like Korg have concocted the perfect gateway to FM synthesis with the Opsix, and we just cannot wait to get our hands on it.

Check out all the Opsix’s specs via the Korg website.