Johnny Ramone’s career long stage-used guitar up for auction

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Johnny Ramone’s career long stage-used guitar up for auction

Words by Sam McNiece

Alongside other Ramones and punk memoribilia.

Ever wanted to own a piece of history? In terms of music memorabilia, this one has got to be right up there. Punk legend Johnny Ramone – real name John Cummings – used the guitar on offer here for basically his whole career with the Ramones from 1977 until they played their last show in 1996. The guitar shows its age significantly but is definitely the real deal.

What you need to know:

  • RR Auctions has put up Johnny Ramone’s extremely well used personal guitar for auction.
  • The guitar, originally purchased by John Cummings (Johnny Ramone) in 1977 served as his main axe through til 1996.
  • Johnny Ramone’s 1965 Mosrite Ventures II electric guitar will be on auction until September 25.

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From CBGBs to the world, the Ramones were an incredible showing of New York City’s Punk scene. Their iconic short songs still resonate with the world today and likely wouldn’t exist without founding member Johnny Ramone.

Being one of the most influential bands of all time is a tall order, and it’s interesting with that title that guitarist Johnny Ramone used the same guitar for inherently his whole career. His custom and sufficiently beat Mosrite Ventures II is for sale via RR Auction, and is set to fetch a pretty penny.

The 1965 guitar is signed on the back “Johnny Ramone, My Main Guitar, 1977-1996” with a felt tip pen which potentially could have been written when he sold this guitar to producer Daniel Rey, whom he collaborated with through the latter part of his career.

The guitar escaped being stolen on multiple occasions and is an extremely unique piece. First off, there were less than 150 of these guitars produced in 1965, with this one having custom bridge, selector and replaced pickups alongside a heavily taped guitar strap and Ramones picks attached. There’s currently a Seymour Duncan SM model mini humbucker in the neck and a Dimarzio FS1 bridge pickup.

The guitar is part of a collection of punk items from Daniel Rey’s personal collection and includes a few other Ramones and punk memorabilia items.

Head to RR Auctions to take a look at this iconic guitar.