Nembrini Audio’s BG Extasy is a meticulous model of the Bogner Extasy 101B head

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Nembrini Audio’s BG Extasy is a meticulous model of the Bogner Extasy 101B head

Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring impulse responses, cabinet and microphone simulation.

Nembrini Audio, who just released the excellent Acoustic Voice plugin return with a new offering. The BG Extasy is a digital replication of the Bogner Ecstasy 101B amplifier head with a complete recording chain including cabinet modelling, microphone emulation and placement.

What you need to know:

  • Nembrini Audio have released the BG Extasy Boutique Guitar Amplifier plugin.
  • The plugin models the sought after Bogner Ecstasy 101B amplifier head with every parameter available to tweak plus more.
  • Features which could only exist in an emulation including three independent impulse response channels which are user loadable add to the wide range of available tones.

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The Bogner Ecstasy 101B head is a cult classic. Buying one second hand would set you back thousands of dollars as they are extremely sought after for the wicked tone across its three channels and vast tonal qualities. Nembrini Audio have taken the task of modelling the whole amp, while adding a stack of digital functionality.

On the new plugin, Nembrini Audio founder Igor Nembrini says the BG Extasy is “classy, versatile and ecstatic, breathing like high gain boutique amps with infinite options.”

Infinite options there are too, with three distinctly voiced channels of classic high gain tonality, the ability to load third party impulse responses, one of six guitar cab emulations and four mic emulations with position and distance controls. There’s also a noice gate built in with a ‘cleaner’ function designed to reduce rumbling and harshness. It’s amazing how much they’ve packed into this plugin.

The amp section of the BG Extasy features three tube modelled channels, each with gain and 3-band eq and channel two and three adding a post EQ and switches for presence, plexi and more.

Through the three impulse response channels you can dig up your favourite amp cab and pair it with a festival stage IR and still have a channel to blend in something interesting and unique. Impulse responses definitely open this plugin up to wild combinations of tone.

Check out this video below showing off some of the tone on offer here.

Head to Nembrini Audio for more information on the BG Extasy.