PBS are seeking female + GNC radio presenters

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PBS are seeking female + GNC radio presenters

The training course is designed educate, and equip applicants with an array of radio knowledge, including writing, presentation, interviewing, broadcast law, program planning and technical skills. It will provide opportunity for music-loving women and gender-diverse people to become involved in an industry where they can be often underpaid at work, underplayed on air and underrepresented on festival line-ups.





2016 saw the station launch the PBS Access Program, which offered three free training courses for women and gender-diverse people, and paired participants with a female identifying mentor from the PBS community.  In 2019, PBS aims to have all eight training courses throughout the year featuring women and gender-non-conforming voices.

Although the June/July leg of training is specifically dedicated to women and GNC people, those wanting to apply during other months are welcomed and encouraged to do so.



PBS Announcer Course 2019 Dates


All courses run for 2hrs from 6.30 – 8.30pm

PBS Announcer Course 3
Mondays from 1st Apr – 6th May

PBS Announcer Course 3
*For Women and GNC Students*
Wednesdays from 5th June – 3rd July

PBS Announcer Course 4
Mondays from 1st July – 29th July

PBS Announcer Course 5
Mondays from 5th Aug – 2nd Sept

PBS Announcer Course 6
Wednesdays from 4th Sept – 2nd Oct

PBS Announcer Course 7
Mondays from 7th Oct – 4th Nov

PBS Announcer Course 8
Wednesdays from 6th Nov – 4th Dec


To be involved in the 2019 PBS announce training course and to learn more, visit PBS 106.7FM.