Bluetooth upgrade to allow for playback on multiple devices simultaneously

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Bluetooth upgrade to allow for playback on multiple devices simultaneously

A step forward for the widely used technology.

Bluetooth SIG, the overseers for the global standardisation of Bluetooth, have announced a new set of industry standards this week in order to improve on the next generation of Bluetooth devices.

According to Ars Technica, the new industry standards will add in a range of features to improve the functionality of Bluetooth transmitting and receiving devices. These include enhanced battery life for wireless devices, better audio quality and playback for multiple devices at once, a set of additions which is sure to tantalise musicians and listeners alike.

One of the major new updates, however, is Bluetooth SIG’s widespread embrace of LE Audio, a standardised code which was formerly proprietary to Apple for use with its ubiquitous AirPod wireless earbuds. LE Audio allows for audio to be streamed to individual earbuds, improves stereo quality and lets users connect to a range of wireless devices at once, and even enables password-protected audio streaming.

One major aspect of this update is that it’ll introduce Bluetooth capabilities to hearing aids, making it much easier for those with hearing impairments to operate mobile devices, watch films and stream music. While we’ll still have to wait for a while until the new updates are integrated into existing devices, it’s a pretty exciting development for wireless audio, and brings us a step closer to eliminating latency issues.

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