Australia’s Oldest Community Radio Station Needs Your Help

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Australia’s Oldest Community Radio Station Needs Your Help

Radio Adelaide has been an integral part of creating opportunities for listeners to get their fix, and also for talented local and independent musicians to get their name out there. The station has been a staple in the South Australian music scene for decades and has started some pretty impressive careers. Now, it needs your help.


Radio Adelaide began facing problems back in 2016, facing “numerous, significant challenges to its efforts to rebuild as an independent, non-profit organisation.”
Hundreds of volunteers have been dedicating their time to keep the community radio scene alive in Adelaide, but it’s been revealed that the station is facing closure as soon as January if they can’t raise the money they need to continue.


Radio Adelaide is seeking $50,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to fill the funding shortage. 



“Radio Adelaide is an authentically local voice for Adelaide,” explained Station Manager Chris Leese as part of the campaign. “It’s a voice for Adelaide arts, music and ideas you won’t otherwise hear on Adelaide airwaves.


“Over the past 47 years, Radio Adelaide has enabled many thousands of South Australians to tell their stories, to share their music, to explore and discuss innovative ideas. Radio Adelaide helps us find community. Radio Adelaide develops communities through media.


“We’re South Australia’s leading source of new media talent, providing training and invaluable experience to over 200 aspiring broadcasters and podcast producers every year.”


“Since 2016, we’ve maintained our commitment to our community despite significant losses of funding, big reductions to staff and other difficult challenges,” Mr Leese continued.


“We’re working very hard to build the partnerships and revenue streams that will help us achieve sustainability, but we urgently need to bridge a financial shortfall if we’re going to get there.


“Radio Adelaide doesn’t just want to survive, it wants to thrive! Building on our strengths in arts and culture programming, in training and podcast production, we can grow our capacity to tell South Australian stories, develop a strong support base and grow our revenue.”


The crowdfunding campaign has managed to raise over $14,000 in just a few days, but it’s still a long way to go until it hits the initial goal of $50,000. 


The $50,000 will ensure the station stays on the air past January 2020, and will help buy some time to work on a plan for a sustainable future. Ideally, Radio Adelaide would like to raise $100,000 to help the station thrive and and build upon it’s strengths. 


People who donate can expect to receive some pretty interesting rewards as compensation for their cash – on-air shoutouts, t-shirts, guest DJ spots and workshops are a few of things you can expect from the different donation tiers. Higher priced tiers include sponsorships and broadcast partnerships up to $30,000, which would be mega for both parties. 


The StartSomeGood crowdfunding campaign is now live, so empty your piggy bank and hit up your sugar daddy to help Australia’s oldest community radio station survive.


Find out more over at the Radio Adelaide website