IK Multimedia releases the ODS Legends Signature Collection for TONEX

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IK Multimedia releases the ODS Legends Signature Collection for TONEX

IK Multimedia ODS Legends
Words by Mixdown staff

This collection of 20 Tone Models recreates the very essence of these vintage treasures and makes them finally accessible to all discerning tone aficionados.

IK Multimedia releases the ODS Legends Signature Collection for TONEX. The first in a new series of Signature Collections, ODS Legends offers guitarists instant access to 4 priceless Dumble Overdrive Special amplifiers. Found behind many of the world’s best players including Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Larry Carlton, David Lindley, John Mayer and more, the Overdrive Special easily fetches 6 figures when a rare example goes to auction. Also included as a bonus are Tone Models of 2 legendary overdrive pedals: a Silver Klon Centaur and an early ’80s Ibanez TS808.

ODS Legends

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IK Multimedia had the exclusive opportunity to capture each of these incredible amps while they passed through the world-famous Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, a studio renowned for its superior recording facilities and long history of hosting legendary musicians. All amp and pedal settings were dialled in by tone experts to a variety of sweet spots from clean to overdrive and meticulously captured in between recording sessions.

Utilising IK’s cutting-edge AI Machine Modelling Technology in conjunction with the Ocean Way’s sonically perfect environment has produced incredible results available now for purchase and download.

Two Legendary Pedals

The ODS Legends collection includes an original Tube Screamer TS808 from 1981, a brilliant distortion and overdrive box from Ibanez. Still highly in demand today, vintage units easily trade above $1,000. Also included and fetching high prices is the legendary Silver Klon Centaur overdrive, which holds a mystique for its unique overdriven tones and boosting capabilities. Both pedals add a new dimension to the organic and fantastic tones in this collection.

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