Hit’n’Mix announce RipX DAW & RipX DAW PRO

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Hit’n’Mix announce RipX DAW & RipX DAW PRO


Hit’n’Mix reveals the next evolutionary stage of its multiple award-winning RipX software.

Now matured into a fully-fledged DAW available as standard and Pro versions, RipX DAW is the first of
its kind to provide a truly holistic approach to cutting-edge AI music production processes. From AI
generated music access and refinement, to stem separation, to instrument replacement, this
update also includes over 100 workflow enhancements.

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The first and only DAW to treat audio and MIDI ‘as one’, RipX DAW replaces existing RipX
DeepRemix, DeepCreate and DeepAudio modules with a streamlined offering of one standard and
one Pro version. Built around the revolutionary Rip Audio format, it makes child’s play of in-the-mix
editing in ways that are not possible with waveform and MIDI based software. RipX DAW is
tailor-made for every kind of music and audio creative, with special emphasis on the new generation
of AI-inspired content creators.

RipX DAW includes the world’s leading audio separation and in-the-mix note & chord editor
technology. It’s possible to break down and customize output from AI Music Generators with
integrated access to a leading service. Additionally, record using a MIDI/MPE/laptop
keyboard, or microphone/audio input, laying down sounds extracted from existing audio, or
the built-in library. A wide range of single-click automated effects are included, allowing for
plenty of experimentation.

You can either buy RipX DAW PRO here or download a free trial here.