GK’s Fusion S Series provides tube warmth and punch with dedicated overdrive

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GK’s Fusion S Series provides tube warmth and punch with dedicated overdrive

Words by Sam McNiece

With push knobs allowing for extra tone shaping!

Gallien-Krueger, leaders in bass amp design and technology combine their characteristic punch with stunning warmth courtesy of three tubes in their sleek Fusion S Series heads.

What you need to know:

  • GK’s Fusion S Series tube preamp bass amplifier heads provide tonnes of power and warmth.
  • Fusion S Series heads feature three 12ax7 tubes, with one dedicated to overdrive, an active 4 band EQ and dedicated tuner, footswitch, send and return jacks.
  • The amp heads are available in three different power configurations, 450, 800 and 1200 watts.

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The Fusion S Series features a 4 band active EQ, three 12ax7 tube preamps, push button voicing filters, 1/4″ input, an XLR balanced DI output, two twist lock speaker outs, send and return, headphone output and even a dedicated tuner output. This thing is stacked.

Fusion S series amps look like a quality head, and then you press the buttons. Each knob doubles as a separate parameter allowing for finer control over your bass tone than ever. Take the EQ section for example, the hi-mid control doubles as a low pass filter, allowing for less string noise and more bass! You can also tweak more settings on the overdrive and even the input gain doubles as a slight shaping EQ.

With its bundled footswitch, you can engage Tube Overdrive with Tone Control remotely to slay your bass solos while staying centre stage.

There’s one 12ax7 tube used exclusively of overdrive on the Fusion S Series, guaranteeing a quality warm driven output.

The head is available in three power output levels, 450, 800 and 1200 watts and is compatible of delivering optimum power with 2, 2.7, 4 and 8 ohm cabinet configurations.

Check out this video to hear the GK Fusion S Series head in action.

Head to Gallien-Krueger for more information and for local enquiries, hit up Electric Factory.