Austrian Audio’s Hi-X25BT has analogue, digital and wireless connectivity

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Austrian Audio’s Hi-X25BT has analogue, digital and wireless connectivity

Words by Sam McNiece

With the ability to charge and listen to music concurrently.

Austrian Audio is an Austrian based company comprised of old AKG staff which specialise in creating high quality audio microphone and headphones.  Their new addition to the range, the HI-X25BT is a prosumer headphone boasting use at the studio and on the train home.

What you need to know:

  • Austrian Audio’s new wireless headphones can connect through Bluetooth, USB-C and 3.5mm jacks.
  • The HI-X25BT feature high excursion driver technology borrowed from their more expensive cans and memory foam earpads for supreme comfort.
  • Battery life is up to 30 hours while using Bluetooth and they can be charged via USB-C whilst listening.

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Using bluetooth headphones while mixing is blasphemy. Bluetooth, while being very efficient and good enough for consumers cannot deliver full range audio in the clarity and detail that wired connections can. On the other hand, with Apple products losing their 3.5mm jack, carrying an adapter can be frustrating and easily misplaced.

In come the Hi-X25BT’s from Austrian Audio, solving this problem and adding more ways to connect than you thought you needed. With the ability to listen not only through standard 3.5mm and Bluetooth, but making listening possible while charging via its USB-C connection.

Utilising their 44mm high excursion driver, these headphones can deliver clear and precise sound with minimal harmonic distortion on the low end. Pair this with the 12Hz to 24kHz frequency range, you’ll be able to hear everything.

Wearing these at the studio and then on the way home is a lot of time to be wearing a pair of cans. They’ve thought of that too, with soft slow retention memory foam earpads which allow for comfortable listening all day.

The Hi-X25BT also folds into a smaller form, allowing for easy transportation and constructed with metal hinges will ensure they stay in good condition.

Check out this video below introducing the headphones.

For more information on these, head to Austrian Audio and for local enquiries hit up Group Technologies.