Neunaber Illumine is a powerful reverb pedal with 17 algorithms

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Neunaber Illumine is a powerful reverb pedal with 17 algorithms

Words by Sam McNiece

From tight to almost infinite reverb decays.

Guitar pedals have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Orange County, California manufactured and designed, Neunaber’s Illumine pedal features quality tones in a pedalboard friendly stompbox. Digital and high quality audio work hand in hand to provide a reverb effect that shines through.

What you need to know:

  • Neunaber Audio have announced a new digital stereo reverb pedal, Illumine.
  • The small footprint stompbox has 17 reverb algorithms with tweakable parameters and 50 factory presets.
  • Connecting via USB-MIDI allows preset editing through their Illumine Preset Manager Software.

Read all the latest product news here.

Neunaber have doubled down of reverb pedals with the new Illumine, a stereo reverb pedal with two ins and two outs, two footswitches and two knobs for tweaking. Utilising some of the reverb algorithms from past pedal, Immerse, this pedal has 17 different reverbs to pick from, with 50 factory and user presets.

Controllable by both MIDI and expression pedals, it’s possible to unlock powerful reverb tones through this unit without having to bend over. The left footswitch acts as an A/B slider that you can use in lieu of an expression pedal, with preset changes available on the footswitches.

The two nobs for selecting don’t sound overly appealing for creating a new reverb sound on the fly, but utilising a MIDI-USB connector, you can create new presets on a computer and then use the aforementioned footswitches to change presets quickly. Maybe better for studio or live settings when you know what you want out of the pedal.

Illumine is meant to fit in with your pedalboard, featuring all jacks and power connectors on the back face of the unit and only requiring 100mA to run. There’s analog dry signal to retain the sound quality from your source and adjustable gain structure available.

Check out this video below detailing what the Illumine can do below.

Head to Neunaber for more information.