Focusrite Clarett+ quality audio interfaces improve dynamic range and A-D conversion

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Focusrite Clarett+ quality audio interfaces improve dynamic range and A-D conversion

Words by Sam McNiece

A familiar new sight from Focusrite.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That seems to be the mentality at Focusrite with the announcement of the Clarett+ series of USB audio interfaces. Besides the cosmetic addition of a ‘+’, the new interfaces have changes under the hood including better A-D conversions and lower total harmonic distortion across the board.

What you need to know:

  • Focusrite have announced new iterations of their professional audio interfaces, Clarett+.
  • The three interfaces feature better dynamic range, total harmonic distortion and audio to digital conversion performance.
  • The Clarett+ interfaces come bundled with a collection of software including plug-ins and virtual instruments.

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Utilising the tiered system of products, Focusrite’s Clarett+ series sits above their entry level Scarlett range of audio interfaces with higher quality components for audio professionals.

There’s three USB interfaces on offer in this range, 2Pre, 4Pre and 8Pre in which the number references the inputs available as stock. 2Pre can be expanded to 10-in/4-out, 4Pre to 18-in/10-out and the 8Pre is expandable up to 18-in/20-out through ADAT connections.

Using their iconic red colour still, these interfaces feature the popular ‘Air’ feature that emulates an ISA 110 mic preamp from a classic Focusrite console. The ‘Air’ is pretty nice on their Scarlett range, and it’s assumed it’ll be the same here.

Boasting improved headphone output and DAC performance, the Clarett+ series is for those concerned with the upmost quality from their audio interface. There’s also a higher dynamic range on digital-analog converters with lower total harmonic distortion across the board.

Their Scarlett series is one of the most used audio interfaces on the market and it’ll be interesting if the Clarett+ reaches the same level of ubiquity.

Check out this video below of a Clarett+ 8Pre in action.

Head to Focusrite to check out this new iteration of Clarett interfaces.