Presonus unveil Revelator io24, a DSP equipped interface designed with streamers in mind

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Presonus unveil Revelator io24, a DSP equipped interface designed with streamers in mind

Words by Sam McNiece

Featuring loopback, preset storage and an easy to use interface.

Presonus have announced a new audio interface that caters to streamers and podcasters as much as musicians. The Revelator io24 is their solution for live streaming and podcasting via it’s loopback ability, unique ‘Stream Mix’ mode and onboard DSP processing.

What you need to know:

  • Revelator io24 is a USB-C 2 in/out audio interface with stereo loopback and DSP functionality.
  • It features a dedicated Stream Mix button, routing all your audio signals to the USB out, for no fuss integration in streaming applications.
  • Create a custom zero latency monitor mix and control it remotely via tablet and network connected devices.

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Featuring two ins and outs, the Revelator io24 is designed for streaming while still having musicians in mind. The device features high-headroom XMAX-L mic preamps, MIDI in/out, two dedicated loopback channels, onboard metering and more.

With this product, streamers have more flexibility over getting audio to programs like OBS with two stereo loopback channels, which can be used to mix signals coming from games and programs like Zoom along with high quality audio processing via the two mic inputs.

The unique Stream Mix function sums all your audio and sends it to the USB out, great for mixing everything and then sending it to another program like OBS to stream with the knowledge your audio is being processed with high quality.

Onboard DSP is becoming more of a need than a want in interfaces these days. The Revelator io24 comes packed with Studiolive Fat Channel, featuring a high pass filter, gate, limiter and three compressor and EQ models to add to your mix latency free as well as a dedicated reverb bus.

There’s Voice FX available, allowing for effects like vocoder, ring modulator and delay to be added to your fx chain. All this processing comes with a range of presets to choose from to get streaming faster.

The benefit of using DSP is you can monitor with FX in a zero latency environment, and on the Revelator io24 you can create custom mixes for all your outputs too.

For taking the interface on the road, you can save two presets directly onto the device and record into your phone/tablet for live-streaming applications and more. This means you can add compression/eq/reverb to your vocals for playing a livestream gig from the park. Very cool.

Utilising a tablet, you can connect to this device and change settings while connected to the same wireless network.

As with most Presonus devices, this one comes bundled with Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic Suite of software.

The Presonus Revelator io24 is set to hit stores in Australia mid August, with a price estimate of A$299.

Head to Presonus for more information and for local enquiries, get in touch with Link Audio.