Erica Synths Introduces Sleek Black Finish on its PĒRKONS HD-01

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Erica Synths Introduces Sleek Black Finish on its PĒRKONS HD-01

Erica Synths
Words by Mixdown staff

Timeless black finish complements the dark aesthetic that is synonymous with Erica Synths modules

Erica Synths announces that it is re-introducing its acclaimed PĒRKONS HD-01 with a sleek black finish, complementing the dark aesthetic of the rest of the Erica Synths lineup of instruments. Meantime, the company will be ceasing production of its jet fighter cockpit-blue coloured version.

Erica Synths

PĒRKONS, a unique drum machine and rhythmic synthesizer that has been enjoyed by both studio musicians and live performers around the world since its introduction more than two years ago, tears down the borders between drum machine, synthesizer and drone instrument. PĒRKONS has inspired electronic musicians to express themselves in new ways and most importantly – to have fun while doing so.


PĒRKONS features four sonically versatile hybrid voices (digital sound engine + analogue multimode filter with overdrive) and a sequencer with simultaneous control over all four percussion tracks. Each voice has 3 sound engine modes, a HP/BP/LP filter and 8 controls for nuanced sound design, including an internal analogue BBD FX send. All voice parameter settings can be saved as KITS. To add dynamics to the performance, parameter automation is implemented and a modulation LFO can be assigned to all parameters.

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Each synth voice has a dedicated velocity-sensitive trigger input, individual output and FX send and return with 6.3mm jack sockets, along with extensive MIDI implementation – making PĒRKONS perfect for integrating with other instruments. All voices are summed and run through a built-in optical compressor and master overdrive.

For more info, visit Erica Synths.