Arturia reveal AstroLab 61-Key Stage keyboard system

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Arturia reveal AstroLab 61-Key Stage keyboard system

Arturia AstroLab
Words by Mixdown staff

Arturia's award-winning Phi / TAE technology is built-in, giving you access to 33 instruments from V Collection and Pigments comprising over 1000 preloaded sounds, and the ability to import, combine and curate your own.

Arturia AstroLab is the culmination of 25 years of passion, innovation, and commitment to the pursuit of unhindered musical exploration. An instrument that encapsulates everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve; the seamless fusion of software and hardware, the magic of finding the perfect sound, and the feeling of absolute creative freedom.

Arturia AstroLab

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AstroLab bridges the gap between production and performance, letting you access all your sounds in a reliable, robust and intuitive way.

For many musicians and producers who utilize a plethora of tools, instruments and custom sounds in their home or studio setup, recreating this for a live performance is not always straightforward. This is where AstroLab comes in, offering both a robust, minimalist design and workflow-focused technology that lets you integrate all your sounds effortlessly and pros alike.

Key features

  • 61-note semi-weighted keyboard
  • 10 sound engines
  • Virtual Analog
  • Samples
  • Wavetable
  • FM
  • Granular
  • Physical modelling
  • Vector Synthesis
  • Harmonic
  • Phase distortion
  • Vocoder
  • Piano-size keys
  • Over 1300 in-built sounds from Arturia instruments
  • Up to 10.000 sounds via Arturia software
  • Navigation wheel & screen for easy browsing
  • 10 Preset Buttons for quick sound access
  • 4 macro controls for quick editing
  • 17 insert FX & dedicated Delay/Reverb
  • 4 dedicated knobs to control FX

Included software

Make use of AstroLab’s software ecosystem which enhances ease of use when on the road and offers greater control, customisation and an even greater range of sounds:

  • AstroLab Connect (iOS + Android)
  • Analog Lab Pro
  • Compatible with V Collection and Pigments (not included)