Audio-Technica’s first-ever USB mixer is about to launch in Australia

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Audio-Technica’s first-ever USB mixer is about to launch in Australia

Audio-Technica AT-UMX3
Words by Mixdown staff

Featuring dedicated  instrument inputs and a loopback function for easy live streaming, this mixer was made for musicians and creators who want to go live, all while having complete audio  control at their fingertips. 

Audio-Technica announces the release of its first dedicated USB mixer for musicians and content creators, the AT-UMX3.

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The AT-UMX3 has various features, inputs, and controls ideal for all content creators. It  is designed to deliver professional-quality results every time you go live or hit record.  Its plug-and-play USB-C connection is compatible with Windows PC, MAC, iOS, iPad, or Android devices, allowing you to power and stream your favourite microphones, and instruments wherever you go.

Made with musicians in mind, the AT-UMX3 features a Neutrik XLR/6.3mm combo microphone jack (with selectable 48V phantom power) and a switchable Hi-Z or stereo  input for guitar, bass, keyboard, or other external devices. Each input has separate  gain and level controls, peak and signal indicators, and a dedicated microphone mute  button. It also features a microphone monitor mute and adjustable output for your  own headphone mix.

The AT-UMX3 is not only powerful but also user-friendly. Its compact size and rugged metal construction allow for easy placement on any desk without obstructing your workspace. The intuitive controls make it a breeze to navigate, ensuring that both novices and professionals can fine-tune their mix and broadcast or record their latest creation in no time. The AT-UMX3 ships with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable and USB-C conversion adapter.

It is available directly on the Audio-Technica Australia website and authorised Audio-Technica microphone dealers.