Chibson USA Placebo pedal does absolutely nothing?

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Chibson USA Placebo pedal does absolutely nothing?

Words by Sam McNiece

It's possible to make this pedal do something, but it'll takes some work.

Haven’t you ever wanted a guitar pedal that looks pretty but does absolutely nothing? You’re in luck, the Chibson USA Placebo Effect Pedal made by Daredevil Pedals does exactly that, but you can turn it into a fuzz pedal if you really want to.

What you need to know:

  • Daredevil Effects have collaborated with Chibson USA to release the Placebo Pedal that does absolutely nothing to your guitar signal.
  • They are limited to 100 pedals which come numbered and packaged in a custom made box.
  • For an additional $25 you can add a fuzz chip to install yourself to make your placebo pedal actually do something other than look pretty.

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Parody page, Chibson USA, has put out their first pedal, the comical Placebo Effect Pedal, with the help of Daredevil Pedals and it literally does nothing.

For those unaware of what a ‘Chibson’ is, it’s a term used for describing cheap knock off Gibson guitars.

Their instagram page has a very strong following of over 190,000 people, and post well crafted memes for the modern day guitarist and musician. Take this one for example.


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The actual pedal has a True Bypass control, an LED to show whether the pedal is on or not, and two knobs to control how much placebo effect you will be generating, named ‘Dosage’ and ‘Side FX’.

For the budding electrical engineer/pedal wizard, you can purchase an additional PCB board which can be turned into one of three actual fuzz effects if you purchase the right components. It’s more of a DIY project than buying an effect for your pedal but if you’ve got the chops, it would be a cool way to actually include the sweet looking pedal in your rig.

The stylish Placebo Pedal by Chibson USA and Daredevil Pedals is available now with the option to add a PCB board.

Check out this ‘not sponsored by’ promo video below.

For more information on this pedal, check out the Daredevil Pedals website.