Roli introduce Blocks – A lego style modular creation system

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Roli introduce Blocks – A lego style modular creation system


With plenty of ways to interact.

Leading the way in electronic innovation, ROLI have just launched their new BLOCKS, an affordable sample plate that can go as far as your creativity. Labelled as the most accessible and scalable music creation system ever made, BLOCKS encourages collaboration and creativity wherever you may find it.

Acting as a modular studio, the device opens up a world of music making possibilities. ROLI’s new creation is made up of individual blocks, offering unique capabilities that anyone can create wherever and whenever. Using magnetic connectors you can customise your BLOCKS, using kits that are adjustable to your budget, skill level, and musical style.

BLOCKS have been globally recognised for their versatility, and urban approach to giving almost anyone the ability to create high scale music. Artists such as Grimes, RZA and Steve Aoki have already started making signature sound packs for BLOCKS musicians.

ROLI are offering three ranges, including the Lightpad Block, which features a colourful glowing surface to help users glide through an assortment of natural gestures.The Live Block and Loop Block also have an easy to use control system that makes it ideal for making music in real time. You can equip your new BLOCKS with ROLI’s app NOISE, which connects each block wirelessly over bluetooth.

“Many areas of life have been transformed by the digital,” said CEO Roland Lamb. “Music, though, remains a universal language that everyone understands, but only a few can speak. BLOCKS will change that, and enable people around the world to experience the joy of music-making for the first time.”

Watch below to see BLOCKS in action.

To find out more about visit ROLI BLOCKS.