Bitwig announce full release of Bitwig Studio 5.1 DAW

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Bitwig announce full release of Bitwig Studio 5.1 DAW

BitWig Studio
Words by Mixdown staff

Bitwig have been making some noise, as well as helping us to do the same!

Following the initial beta release of the DAW, BitWig Studio 5.1 is the second major release and sees the software available to serve a wider array of users. BitWig Studio sees more tools to shape, mix, refine and create sound than ever.

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BitWig Studio 5.1

10 new modules — four filters and six waveshapers — with 10 new sonic personalities. Some emulate classic structures, but most achieve their own, unique sonic qualities. And thanks to our new semi-modular, Grid-powered audio FX containers Filter+ and Sweep, you can load these onto any device or track to immediately add flavor or movement without touching a patch cable.

The filters — plus a brand-new oscillator — are also part of Polymer, which means they’re all accessible in every edition of Bitwig Studio. Additional voice stacking modulators have established their own category, and important workflow improvements make audio editing faster and our mixer smarter.

Sound Design Tools

Filters & Waveshapers

5.1’s filters and waveshapers give you more options for coloring your sounds. All are available both as Grid modules or housed within the new Filter+ and Sweep devices. A cast of three new Character filters bring distinct personalities that can make a simple waveform dynamic and fresh, and our new formant filter speaks for itself. The six shapers provide different flavors, with each changing at various intensities. Turns out a little high-order math can sound quite nice.

Sweep and Filter+

Filter+ and Sweep bring The Grid’s filters and waveshapers anywhere. These pre-patched audio FX combine modular slots, clear interfaces, and built-in modulators, bringing color and movement to any track. Each filter and shaper can be swapped out or bypassed to suit your needs, and when a new idea strikes, right-click either device to convert it into a fully-editable FX Grid patch.

To try and buy BitWig Studio 5.1, or to keep reading about BitWig, visit them here.