Behringer tease BMX prototype, an homage to the Oberheim DMX

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Behringer tease BMX prototype, an homage to the Oberheim DMX

Words by Mixdown staff

Behringer are teasing a DMX inspired drum machine model - a recreation of the classic that featured on countless 80s chart toppers.

Behringer are teasing a prototype of a ‘BMX’ drum machine model, inspired, of course, by the cult-classic Oberheim DMX, which defined so much of the iconic music of the 1980s

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The original Oberheim DMX features on iconic ear worms from ‘Blue Monday’ by New Order to Every ‘Breath You Take’ by The Police. It was first introduced to the market in 1980.

“Today, we fired up the first version of our BMX prototype, a homage to the legendary Oberheim DMX,” Behringer wrote on in a caption on their Facebook page.

“Aside from the original sound samples, the BMX has also a built-in sampler, analogue filters and much more. This is one cool sampling drum machine.”

It seems as though Behringer are set on recreating the original buttons and fader layout of the DMX, however it looks as though they will incorporate editing controls and a larger screen, potentially an LED/OLED design.

USB, MIDI, Trigger and sync connections will be hosted at the rear, as well as individual outs, a summed main out and a sampling input.

It appears as though planning began for the BMX all the way back in 2017, then set to be named the OMX. At that time, a whole array of Behringer design concepts were leaked due to a website glitch, with this model being one of them, as reported by Sonic State.

More information regarding when the BMX will be available hasn’t yet been confirmed, and a target price hasn’t yet been established. Behringer has continually revealed new synthesizers that are close to completion on social media over the last few weeks, some of which include the Torothe RS-9, the Solina and a lot more.

For more information, head to Behringer.