Austrian Audio adds the Hi-X60 to their Hi-X range

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Austrian Audio adds the Hi-X60 to their Hi-X range

austrian audio hi-x60
Words by Eli Duxson

Professional closed-back over-ear headphones perfect for loud studio or FOH situations

Austrian Audio are relatively new but continue to make a splash on the headphone market extending their Hi-X (High Excursion driver technology) headphones range with the release of the Hi-X60 closed-back over-ear headphones. 

What you need to know:

  • Austrian Audio has dropped their Hi-X60 professional closed-back over-ear headphones for recording, FOH, mixing, and mastering.
  • They feature a 44mm driver and provide great bass imaging and low THD (total harmonic distortion) at low frequencies.
  • Available for US$419 (approx. AU$594).

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The Hi-X60 design is a killer option in loud environments like FOH where the high passive-noise suppression ensures an optimum signal-to-noise ratio creating an accurate and hearing-friendly sonic environment, while it is also suited to a studio session with the closed-back isolation preventing spill and interfering with the microphone capture.

For instrument or vocal tracking, both features work together to provide the artist with a coherent, healthy signal without spill.

Sonically, Austrian Audio said the High Excursion driver technology is “the key to the astonishing sound the Hi-X60 headphones deliver”.

All Austrian Audio Hi-X headphones feature a 44mm driver and a ring magnet system, with this design allowing for improved airflow combined with the strongest magnetic field in its class. 

The ring magnet, combined with a copper-clad aluminium voice coil, reduces the weight of the membrane and the voice coil connected to it, allowing the membrane to move or change direction faster, providing a more responsive impulse reaction.

Austrian Audio said you can “expect great bass imaging and low THD (total harmonic distortion) at low frequencies, together with a linear frequency response and open, precise high resolution sound that is very revealing and makes error detection easy”.

All touch points are made from soft, durable memory-foam, while all load-bearing and moving parts are made from metal, ensuring stability, reliability, and robustness ensuring the fold mechanism is good for years of everyday use and that the Hi-X60 holds up even under the roughest recording conditions.

The headphones are available now for US$419 (approx. AU$594).

Head to Austrian Audio’s website for more information. For local enquiries, get in touch with Group Technologies.